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Make a declaration of Love!

Make a declaration of Love!!! Congratulate familiar with St. Valentine's Day! Present to your sweetheart the computer garland in the form of heart or simply decorate your desktop with it!

In February 2006 the inspiration has come on me suddenly and I have written the program. In autumn of the same year the program was perfected fundamentally (in the name of Love) for exposition... Whom the program has liked the gratitudes are accepted on an e-mail: ihorweb@ukr.net. I do not promise to answer but to read your opinion for me will be interestingly (and useful). And those who has liked my programm VERY MUCH, they can to thank with money order ;-) one-another dollar to my account shown in the program.

This program you can present to your familiar at St. Valentine's Day or to start it this day, having decorated your own desktop. You certainly can congratulate somebody and per other day, you see "nobody can give orders to one's heart"...

After start of the program there is a topmost-window will appear on a desktop (in a right bottom corner) as 42 small hearts, laid out in the form of one large heart. This ribbon is like modern garland on New Year's tree. It lights up, dies away, and that blinks by separate "bulbs"-hearts in some sequence, like programmed electric garland.

The window of the program is easy for dragging in a place that is convenient for you on a desktop. Also in a system tray there is an icon of the program. In its menu you can choose one of nine blinking modes of the garland or their combination, and also to choose one of the four colours of a luminescence of "bulbs" (or multicoloured luminescencing). Having started the programm Install_Heart.exe you can place to a body of the program StValentine'sDay.exe a small text-line (13 chars) for example someone's name, and already then, starting the basic program, in the middle of the large heart there will be represented this line.

The Install_Heart.exe program occupies 55808 bytes space on a disk, and installed StValentine'sDay.exe program occupies 52224 bytes; practically it does not use the processor time.

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